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Webinar Agenda:

  • Learn how to get started with your FREE Localfluence experience.
  • Learn how to build a campaign and start receiving social posts and online reviews from locals right away.


Do I have to attend the webinar to receive Localfluence for free?

We HIGHLY encourage it. You'll receive onboarding instructions along with your Nicholas code that will make your program free. There will also be training on how to maximize your Localfluence experience.

Are there any costs I have to worry about?

NO COST TO YOU! Nicholas & Co is covering 100% of your MONTHLY Localfluence experience.

What does the webinar cover?

  • How to get started with your free Localfluence experience. What comes with the program etc.
  • Platform instructions (how to successfully set up your campaigns etc.)
  • Tips and tricks that will help you maximize your Localfluence experience.

How Long Is The Webinar?

30 min presentation with 15 min Q&A session

If I can't make a webinar how do I get started?

We have webinars every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4pm. If you're unable to attend one of those days/times email us at and we'll send you your Nicholas code with onboarding instructions.

Success Stories

"There isn't a better marketing platform for restaurants than Localfluence...period!"

- Andrew Smith (Savory Management)

"We had over 200 locals post on social media about us being open and over 120 who left us an online review and it only took 10 min to set up...Amazing!"

- Nicholas Gradinger (Vessel Kitchen)

"Localfluence is by far the best way to connect with locals around your restaurant!"

- Alec McAfee (Texas Roadhouse)